KALIBUR: Supercar Inspired Fashion Accessories


Creative Director













Wallets and money clips have never been crafted for car people. I was driven to do a project to design a solution for this niche.

After developing a few initial sketches, I teamed up with the master industrial designer Budimir Javoicic to develop a few renderings for the design. 

Design featured a card holder to protect and hold up to 8 cards. The back of the clip was designed to look like a race car pedal. 

Our first wallet and money clip are inspired by the legendary Ferrari F40. We've started from scratch to design this money clip that both look stunning and are easy to use. 

Supercar Wallet Rendering


Would like to continue tinkering on this in the future. 






Additional Images

I first sketched out a few concepts of a few iconic cars which we could build upon on our first experimental product, the money clip. I was focused on purely the defining featuring of the car body.

Aston Martin DB5 Clip Prototype

Lamborghini Aventador Clip Protoype