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A little bit about me...

At times, I'm just in my own world...

At times, I'm just in my own world...



Conceptualization to execution. I’m fascinated by new technologies from augmented reality and connected products to autonomous cars and robots. I breathe product development and management, brand strategy, and user-centered design for ultimately, human progress.

It’s how the world moves forward, and how we become better in every aspect of our lives, from personal welfare and how we get around to how we learn and how we interact with one another.

Progress means to constantly evolve; constantly diving into worlds yet unexplored. How can we change our approach as thinkers and executers to breed a culture of innovation? How can can we maintain that to drive growth in our global economy? How can we push technology and design further?

From being an innovation consultant at The Medici Group working with Fortune 100 companies such as NIKE and Trinidad and Tobago to revolutionize how they breed a culture of entrepreneurial innovation within corporate walls to starting my own media education company, Tech808, that inspired thousands of budding entrepreneurs around the world, I always push the envelope on what's possible and to change how people think for the better. 

In 2014, I was the first full-time hire to join Blue Label Labs, a growing iOS and Android app development agency. Under my leadership, I helped grow the PM team from just myself to over 10 PMs, implemented procedural structures and worked with clients across various industries to bring their ideas to life, from healthcare and finance to games and on-demand services. 

I want to make the future exciting -- in fact, I'm driven by that. I accepted attendance to NYU’s well-known ITP (Interactive Technology) program in 2016, where I am focused on developing practical applications with next generation technology to new products and services. Technologies include augmented and virtual reality, connected products, robots, web apps, and everything in between. 

Thanks for reading a bit about me! Let's get in touch and figure out how we can build the path to our future!



NYU ITP (Class of 2018)
Masters in Interactive Technology 

NYU (Class of 2011)
Bachelors in Economics and Business of Media & Technology




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