Hello Sitter: On-Demand Babysitter Service

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Product Manager


Blue Label Labs





 In June 2016, Hello Sitter officially launched where it quickly won the attention of the general public after being featured on the Today Show, the New York Post and Crain’s Business Daily.

Hello Sitter was envisioned to provide an “Uber”-like experience that took the stress out of finding quality childcare. Whether it was a last minute meeting or a much needed date night, Hello Sitter wanted to create a seamless experience that made scheduling babysitting as frictionless and easy as it is to arrange for a pickup from a car sharing service. In selecting Blue Label Labs as their mobile app design and development partner, Hello Sitter looked to Blue Label to not only design a mobile app that brought their vision to life but also to build, test and deploy the product so that it was ready for a Spring 2016 launch.

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I product managed the project from design, development, QA through till product launch and beyond.